Shay and Dominic Pacifico - The handsome Shay returns to help introduce his sexy scene partner, Dominic Pacifico, to the ways of Lucas Entertainment. They share a discourse with the help of Michael’s personal iPad before moving onto hotter and steamier activities. Dominic makes it his mission to service Shay: he worships the sexy Israeli’s torso, licking his nipples and passionately kissing his pecs and stomach. Shay loves the attention, grabbing his partner’s head and guiding his lustful actions. When Dominic reach’s Shay’s pants, he tears them off and swallows up the boner that pops out. Dominic takes special care of Shay’s cock -- he spends all the time needed to lick and suck it, making Shay hard and ready for when Dominic slips a condom on it and sits on Shay’s lap. The Israeli stud grabs hold of Dominic’s hips and lets him ride aggressively. But in a twist, Shay turns around with a hungry hole, one that Dominic happily fills. Dominic pounds Shay as he’s bent over a couch, bringing them both to a cum-eating orgasm!

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