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Martin fucks a guy - Our new freshman, Martin, hangs out in the hot tub with Josh for their photo shoot. I should have known, the heated water would stir up these sexy guys' hormones! Sometimes during just the photo shoot, you can tell the chemistry is going to be good. Martin and Josh were having a great time together – and Martin had never done anything with a guy before. So the looks he was giving Josh promised to make this scene super-hot! In the bedroom, Josh put Martin at ease by kissing him. The shirts come off and Martin eagerly kisses Josh's lean-muscled chest and nipples. Josh returns the favor, making Martin moans with pleasure. Josh pulls Martin's uncut cock out from his jeans and sucks it. Martin loves how Josh's mouth feels – and it shows in how hard his cock gets! Josh swallows it, spitting on Martin's cock so he can slide it even deeper

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