Cory and Dylan - Dexter and Cory hook up to show off their oral skills in this wet, hot new update from Boyfun Collection. The two guys were hanging out talking when Cory made a move and kissed Dexter. Dexter had wanted that for most of the night so he kissed back and pulled Cory close. The guys kissed as they pulled each other’s clothes off then Cory laid Dexter back as he pulled his underwear down and swallowed his cock. Cory knows how to give head and had Dexter swimming in a sea of ecstasy within minutes. It felt so good Dexter felt himself getting close to cumming, but he wanted to wait so he pulled out of Cory’s mouth, bent Cory over and slid his tongue into Cory’s ass. Cory had never had his ass rimmed this good. It was out of this world and had his cock rock hard and begging for attention. Both guys wanted to cum, but as Dexter ate Cory’s ass they knew that there was plenty of pleasure to be had first then they could cum together.

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