Nick Stuart Fucks Rob Ryder - After talking to Nick for several months, we finally got him to agree to dip his toes into man-on-man sex. Nick was nervous before meeting Rob ryder, but these two college dudes got along instantly. What was most surprising was the passion these two exuded throughout the scene! Nick was rock hard well before Rob even touched him, and Nick stayed erect and at attention for the remainder of the scene, and even after the scene was finished! Both Rob and Nick swap intense blow-jobs before Nick shows us what a great first-time ass-rimmer he is. The excitement begins with Nick shoving his thick cock into Robs little hole and fucking away. Rob is clearly loving the feeling of Nick deep inside him, so when Nick flips Rob up on the bed and begins to do pushup drills into Robs behind, Rob gets Nicks cock just as deep as Nick can give it! Rob rides Nicks cock like a wild horse to work himself up into a hot orgasm and finish the scene off right. Absolutely Great Fuck!

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