Chad Macon Busts A Nut - Chad Macon just graduated from college, and before he starts his job in the real world, he was excited to do something wild and crazy. Even though Chad seems like a bit of an introvert, he was secretly excited about stripping down and showing off for us. Chad tells us a few stories about his college experiences before stripping out of his clothes. Chad works up his cock slowly, really taking the time to develop a hot fantasy in his head. Once he has a rhythm going, he beats his meat as if he were alone in the room - getting into the stroking of his thick cock and letting out some soft moans. Chad sits down and continues to jerk it, and he slowly begins to rub his chest and get ready for a big blast of cum. As he gets closer to orgasm, his entire body starts to tense up and he beats more feverishly, until finally a nice warm load of jizz lands on him. Hot stuff from a hot guy!

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