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Harley Everett & Brice Farmer - These two studs start their after hours rendezvous when they meet at the doorway of a seedy apartment building on a dark and windy night in Berlin. These two stubble faced executives left all their professionalism at the doorway when they make their way upstairs where the real fun begins. You can tell right away these boys love to kiss and grope and who could blame them. Right away it becomes pretty clear that the passion runs deep between these guys and the clothes fly off even faster. Before you know it, Brice has Harley's huge cock in his hot, wet mouth. By the time he makes his way up Harley's enormous muscular physique, there aching to get each other naked and Brice has his hands all over the tattooed Harley Everett. When they finally manage to get both of their hard dicks out, they don't waste any time sucking each other and swapping loads of spit in between. After a long suck off session, Harley ravages Brice's smooth, tight, tasty ass like the animal that he is. When these guys finally get to fucking, you can feel the body heat rising from their writhing bodies. Harley pounds Brice's tight hole several times making sure Brice knows who's boss. After Harley pounds the cum out of Brice's cock, he licks it right up and then it his turn to spread his seed all over Brice's sweaty, cum covered chest. Don't miss a second of these hot guys as this scene will leave you wet and begging for more.

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