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New Hunk Dam - New boy Dan creates a tall and imposing figure and at over 6ft he is pretty in your face! As he strips off to his briefs he shows his body is both lean and muscular and when he drops his briefs its clear his cock is in perfect proportion if not a little outsized for his body! Dan is well above average and when he lies back on the bed you get to watch his cock grow from soft to a big semi… and that is without hands! Dan is easily aroused and a few strokes of his big semi and his uncut cock is soon pointing straight at the camera… and a few strokes more and it point skywards, clearly defying gravity! Luckily this straight hunk is happy to show off his hole, with just a light fuzz round his hole he exposes to more sunlight than it has ever seen! Some pumping on his cock later and Dan lies back and dumps a nice load on his abs!

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