Justin Boyd & Jean-Claude Duvall - From a cooling dip in the water to a hot roaring fire in the forest, we come across Jean-Claude Duvall and Justin Boyd cooking sausages over an open flame. After filling their bellies, though, it’s time for a little adolescent horseplay as they chase each other through the forest. When they discover an out-of-the-way romantic spot, kissing and snuggling ensues, until, that is, Jean-Claude unzips his jeans, allowing his fully elongated bat to pop out, begging for Justin’s immediate attention. With the adorably cute Justin sucking and licking it doesn’t take long before Jean-Claude’s juice spills out, sticking to Justin’s shirt like glue. Presto! A blanket appears atop a moss covered boulder and our boys are naked as jaybirds with Jean-Claude tackling Justin’s dick as if it was candy, bent over it with his own succulently sweet package sticking out at the rear between his thighs. After an explosive reaction to Jean-Claude’s oral ministrations, Justin finds himself firmly planted on a wooden African-style witchdoctor’s chair with his legs spread wide and Jean-Claude’s pecker up his hole. Is this strange and unusual contraption meant to scare away some kind of evil? Who knows? But in two winks of an eye they’re on a yellowish couch—yes, in the forest—with Justin continuing to be boinked deep and hard just as he likes it, begging his friend to keep ramming like there’s no tomorrow. When Jean-Claude shoots his load on Justin and the scene starts to fade to black, we’re not only left recovering from watching a hot assignation in the middle of a cool dark forest, but wondering how in the world that furniture got out into the woods.

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