Straight Anthony gets fucked by Neil - Two str8 lads and boy do they push their boundaries! Anthony is well known to a few of you for his nakedness in Yorkshire; today though it’s the London air that seems to have got to him, he grabs Neil’s cock, squeezes it and is soon diving down sucking Neil large uncut hard-on! For a str8 guy sucking his first cock he seems to look pretty good at it! At the same time as sucking he pulls out his own semi strokes it a few times, then Neil grabs it and is soon doing a flip and sucking Anthony! Both lads are enjoying each others great blow jobs, til Neil slides on a condom and pushes inside Anthony who backs onto it, gasping for air but loving the sensation! Anthony has played with toys before, this is his first cock and he is loving it and gets it in some great positions and Neil proves his athletic fucking prowess! While riding cock Anthony shoots a massive load with cum everywhere, gently pulls off Neil who dumps his load all over Anthony!

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